Level 4 Autonomy

The U.S. Department of Transportation classifies 5 levels of autonomous/driverless vehicles:

  • LEVEL 0: People pilot the vehicle at all times. 
  • LEVEL 4: The vehicles onboard computer is in complete control at all times, eliminating human intervention. Learn More

Autonomous or driverless-vehicles will eliminate traffic congestion, prevent millions of injuries and deaths, save billions of gallons of fuel, billions of dollars in transportation, police, fire and medical costs and add billions of hours of free time to pursue more productive activities.


Change is coming at a rapid pace: Google’s driverless vehicle has driven over 1 million miles. As of October 2015, thousands of Tesla Model S owners engaged Autopilot to do most of the driving for them and Rio Tinto’s iron ore mines in Australia are using a fleet of driverless trucks to transport raw materials. All major automobile manufactures and some technology companies project delivery of their driverless car by 2017-2023. Jump

I like to mind map and autonomous vehicles/driverless cars fascinate me. Once you go down the rabbit hole of the implications driverless vehicles will have on every aspect of our lives, its hard not want to dig deeper. Many entrenched industries will fail, transform or be absorbed by the new industry titans. [Digital Disruption] This website helps organize my thoughts, collaborate with others, quantify the affects on the economy, identify current and future market leaders and educate others on the inevitable transition to a Level 4 Autonomous vehicle future.

3 thoughts on “Level 4 Autonomy”

  1. Steven,

    First off, thank you for including me in this group. I am sure I have not thought about or researched this L4 autonomy near as much as you but I see nothing happening quickly. People make the comparisons to mobile phones and EVs all the time but I think that is a bad comparison too. Cars are just too expensive compared to a phone, there are just too many of them plus many other factors too. I believe the way Elon is
    going about it is probably the most reasonable way of doing it. But as for everything going driverless, I don’t think so. Let me give you an example. It is 12:00 at night. A woman summons a driverless Uber and it shows up to pick her up. She gets in and off they go. As the car is stopped at a red light, something is placed in front of the car to keep it from moving forward as the sensors sense an object. A criminal comes over, breaks out the window, robs her and runs off. Another example is just bored, unmotived individuals with nothing better to do. They see a driverless car drive by, grab some eggs and egg it just for the fun of it. I feel for a very long time, there will be a time for autopilot (the freeway) and other times; local driving, bad weather & difficult driving.

    1. Thank you, David.

      My initial thoughts on security:

      Each car will have ultra high-definition camera’s recording interior and exterior activity making criminals think twice.

      A panic button could be added to the vehicle alerting law enforcement and initiating a emergency egress maneuver from the area.

      Polycarbonate windows are like airplane windscreens – unbreakable.

      Cost: I think Uber/Lyft will own fleets of autonomous cars and many people will abandon car ownership all together. Most of the Millennials I work with (and there are 90mn in the country) have no desire to own a vehicle. – They take Uber.

    2. Lol, that sort of situation happens now regardless if the vehicles are manual or automated.

      These engineers aren’t stupid, of course they’ll have to pre-program them to react to specific situations and that counts objects being placed in from of them.

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