Future Page Ideas


Airline industry disruption. If high-speed cars can transport people quickly and cheaply, short-haul airline flights could suffer. (Thanks to Dean for the idea).

DMV Vanishes

Drivers License Redundant. 196 million licensed drivers Source All DMV’s close (research # of locations, costs, # of jobs, economic impact).

Drivers Education Schools Vanish

Parents free from taking kids to daycare, sporting events. More labor force participation. Higher earnings.

Fewer trips to motels and hotels during travel.

Resurgence of suburbs. You could live 100 miles from L.A., but be at the office in 1 hour in a high-speed autonomous vehicle.

Facial recognition could identify every passenger in a vehicle. If wanted by law enforcement, the vehicle would transport directly to police station. I doubt any criminal would get into a vehicle knowing this.

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