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Industry analysts predict the size of the passenger vehicle fleet will decline by 40% to 90% in a Level 4 transportation society. Consumers will opt out of purchasing an automobile to avoid maintaining, fueling and insuring a depreciating assets that spends 96% of its life parked. Fleet-sharing is the projected winner in this space; you’ll use an App to request any vehicle you desire on-demand. Automotive manufactures will need to act quickly to secure market share in a future dominated by a handful of manufacturers compared to more than 50 today.


  • 256 million registered vehicles: 187 million passenger cars, 51.5 million light duty vehicles, 8.4 million motorcycles. Source
  • Are motorcycles irrelevant in an autonomous future? If humans are prohibited from piloting a vehicle on public roads,  what will a driverless motorcycle look like?


Google Driverless Motorbike

From “Will They Start To Trust The Technology Almost ‘Too’ Much?”
From “Will They Start To Trust The Technology Almost ‘Too’ Much?”

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