Law Enforcement

Level 4 autonomous vehicles will redefine law enforcement. The elimination of speeding tickets, moving violations and DUI arrests will fundamentally alter the revenue model for States and municipalities. The number of police officers will decline unless they can be utilize in other areas of law enforcement.


  • 41 million traffic tickets issued annually resulting in $6.2 billion in fines. Source
  • 1.2 million DUI arrests in 2013 resulting in $2 billion in fines. Source
  • More than 5 million annual vehicle crashes. Source
  • 721,000 vehicle thefts in 2012 (1 every 44 seconds) resulting in property loss of $4.3 billion.  Source
  • 530 police officers were accidentally killed by automobiles in the line of duty from 2004-2013. Source
  • Civil forfeiture during traffic stops from 2001-2013 resulted in $2.5 billion seized from individuals not charged with a crime or issued a warrant. Source
  • State and local law enforcement employs 1.1 million people, 765,000 have arrest powers. Source


  • Level 3: Significant decline in traffic enforcement citations and accidents as connected vehicles avoid collision and adhere to speed limits.
  • Municipal revenues generated from citations is dramatically reduced and budgets adjusted.
  • Significant decline in automobile thefts. Every car will be connected and transmit their location in real time using GPS technology.
  • Level 4: Elimination of most vehicle crashes, moving violations and issuance of citations.
  • Law enforcement responsibilities shift from issuing citations to human drivers to more important duties. Some speculate the number of police officers could decline by 50% Source


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