Personnel Changes

Tracking the talent flow. In chronological order

Uber Hires Away Another Executive, Manik Gupta, From Google Maps (December 2015) Source

 Google hires Robert Rose, the man in charge of Tesla’s Autopilot feature (December 2015) Source

Apple’s New “Secret Agent” Is a Former BMW EV Software Engineer (November 2015) Source

Apple Hires an Artificial Intelligence Expert From Nvidia. Is He Going to Work on Self-Driving Cars? (October 2015) Source

 Toyota last month hired the US military’s top robotics engineer as part of a US$50 million investment in artificial-intelligence research to build on its semi-autonomous driving efforts. (October 2015) Source

Uber hires the guys who hacked a Jeep to develop safer driverless cars (September 2015) Source

Google Hires Former Hyundai U.S. Chief to Lead Driverless Cars (September 2015) Source

Uber Plans for Driverless Cars, Hires Hacking and Robotics Experts (August 2015) Source

Apple hires yet another driverless car expert from Tesla (August 2015) Source

Auto industry veteran Doug Betts joins Apple (July 2015) Source

Uber Hires Google’s Former Head of Maps, Brian McClendon, to Oversee Location Technology, Pittsburgh Center (June 2015) Source

related Google Hires Quantum Computing Expert John Martinis to Build New Hardware (September 2014) Source

Tesla hires Stefan Solyom from Volvo. Architect, Tesla ADAS* (June 2014) Source

Tesla hires Akshay Joshi  from Marvell. Firmware Engineer, Tesla Autopilot (June 2014) Source

Tesla hires Hyungi Cho from Carnegie Mellon. Sr. Controls Engineer, Tesla ADAS* (June 2014) Source

Tesla hires Adam Kilgore from GoPro. Mechanical Design Engineer, Tesla Autopilot (May 2014) Source

Tesla hires Christopher Brown from The John Hopkins University Advanced Physics Laboratory. Firmware engineer, Tesla ADAS* (May 2014) Source

Tesla hires “Hacker Princess” to help lock down the Model S (February 2014) Source

Tesla hires Ashok Elluswamy from VW. Firmware engineer, Tesla Autopilot (February 2014) Source

Tesla hires Jamie Carlson from Gentex. Firmware engineer, Tesla Autopilot (January 2014) Source

Tesla Motors Hires Doug Field, Apple’s VP of Mac Hardware Engineering, to Lead New Vehicle Development (October 2013) Source

Tesla hires Andrew Grey from Hyundai. Sr. Engineering Manager, Tesla ADAS* (October 2013) Source

*Tesla Autopilot and Advanced Driver Assistance Program (ADAS)