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Taxi, Ride-Sharing & Bus Transportation

Level 4 autonomous vehicles will eliminate the need for a traditional vehicle driver; including those in the taxi, ride-sharing, chauffeur and bus industries. 


  • 654,300 people employed as bus drivers in 2012 generating  $19.3 billion of compensation. Source
  • 220,000 people employed as taxi and chauffeur drivers in 2012 generating $5.3 billion of compensation. Source
  • 160,000 people drive for UBER Source
  • 12,400 limousine companies operating 126,000 vehicles. Source


  • Level 3: A human occupant is required in the taxi or bus while the computer has control of most driving functions. Significant reduction in crashes and moving violations.
  • Level 4: Human driver eliminated. Vehicles redesigned to act as autonomous single- and multiple-passenger vehicles.

  • Maximizing capacity utilization will significantly reduce the number of cars and buses on the road.
  • Majority of the 1 million jobs in the industry eliminated.