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UBER & Lyft Impact

Ride-sharing services are preparing us for a driverless future.

  • Open an App on your smart phone or watch and request a specific type of vehicle to drive to your selected GPS location.
  • Within a few minutes, an automobile arrives and transports you to your destination. 
  • Payment is processed via transfer from your credit card to the ride-sharing company.

UBER has plans to own a fleet of 500,000 driverless Tesla Model S sedans by 2020. UBER CEO, Travis Kalanick confirmed his desire for 200,000 driverless Tesla’s on The Late Show with Steven Colbert (4:40 mark).


UBER FUNDING: $8.21bn Source

  • 2 August 2009 | $200,000 Seed Funding: Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp
  • 15 October 2010 | $1.25mn Angel Round: David Cohen, Mitchell Kapor, Lowercase CapitalFounder CollectiveCyan BanisterBabak NiviAlfred LinScott BanisterJason CalacanisMike WalshNaval RavikantShawn FanningOren MichelsJosh SpearJason Port
  • 14 February 2011 | $11mn Series A: First Round, Lowercase Capital, Benchmark, Alfred LinInnovation EndeavorsScott Banister
  • 7 December 2011 | $37mn Series B: Tusk Ventures, BenchmarkGoldman SachsCrunchFundMenlo VenturesJeff BezosTroy CarterSummit Action FundBobby YazdaniSignatures CapitalData CollectiveNihal Mehta
  • 23 August 2013 | $258mn Series C: Uber, Google Ventures, TPG GrowthBenchmark
  • 6 June 2014 | $1.2bn Series D: Fidelity Investments, Wellington Management, BlackRockSummit PartnersKleiner Perkins Caufield & ByersGoogle VenturesMenlo VenturesSherpa Capital
  • 4 December 2014 | $1.2bn Series E: Qatar Investment Authority, Valiant Capital Partners, Lone Pine CapitalNew Enterprise AssociatesSherpa Capital
  • 16 December  2014 | $600mn Series E: Baidu
  • 21 January 2015 | $1.6bn Debt Financing: Goldman Sachs
  • 18 February 2015 | $1bn Series E: HDS Capital, Times Internet,
  • 19 August 2015 | $100mn Private Equity: Tata Opportunities Fund
  • 7 September 2015 | $1.2bn Private Equity: Baidu